Body Banter started as a companion project for the Biomedical Visualization and Communication (BMVC) certificate program at the University of British Columbia. Readings in anatomy can be dense and—we hate to say it—dry, so BMVC asked the team at the HIVE to create a podcast that showcases just how exciting anatomy can be. Every week, BMVC students listened to a Body Banter podcast as a "pre-listening" in the Human Structure and Function course, on topics that aligned with the curriculum. Our students loved this podcast so much that we decided to share it with the world!

Coordinator: Bailey Lo          Illustrations: Rebecca Liu          Website: Monika Fejtek          Music: Danat (Poon) Krairiksh


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The HIVE is a multidisciplinary hackspace for innovation and visualization at the University of British Columbia. We leverage the potential of emerging media to improve the educational experience for all learners in the Faculties of Arts & Medicine, and around the world. We are built on the power of collaboration and foster an inclusive environment where students, faculty and staff build teams to disrupt and modernize learning. We create media using both 2D and 3D xR technology that can be used in all learning environments.




The UBC Certificate in Biomedical Visualization and Communication (BMVC) is an integrated skills program that blends scientific knowledge, critical thinking, co-creativity, teamwork, and communication skills built on empathy and active listening. It's one of only a handful of programs in North America that provides the skills needed for this emerging field. It's also the first program of its kind on the West Coast. A unique aspect of the BMVC curriculum is a focus on diversity and inclusivity in biomedical communications. Throughout the program, students learn how to recognize and address the needs of diverse communities, including Indigenous, racialized, and other groups that face barriers to healthcare information.





Do you want to appear on Body Banter, or have an interesting idea for a podcast? We'd love to hear from you!