Sunit Jadhav December 20, 2023 33:10

The Anatomy Singer-Songwriter

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For the second of our two-part series on "The Body of Music" and our final episode of 2023, we explore the potential of music in the anatomy classroom. Dr. Sunit Jadhav, during his recent visit to Canada, joins Claudia and Segun to talk about his passions for anatomy education and music—and how he combines these two passions to make learning anatomy more fun and engaging for his students. Sunit also treats us to a mini concert where he plays us a song he wrote, inspired by a lecture on the visual system he attended in Claudia's neuroscience course
Sunit Jadhav

As a modern anatomy educator, Dr. Sunit Jadhav’s research focuses on the application of technology-based teaching-learning practices in medical pedagogy. His work includes the use of virtual 3D anatomy atlases and creation of educational anatomy videos for YouTube and Instagram. Currently pursuing a PhD from the Symbiosis Centre for Research and Innovation, Dr. Jadhav’s research intends to understand how binaural frequency music affects attention. As a junior researcher at Symbiosis Centre for Medical Image and Analysis, he is learning brain neuroimaging techniques using EEG and fMRI under the mentorship of his PhD advisor Dr. Bhushan Borotikar.

Sunit is also a professional musician (singer-songwriter-guitarist) with two released albums streaming on all digital platforms worldwide. He often enjoys incorporating music and other performing arts in his classroom to make the teaching and learning process more engaging, enjoyable, and interactive. He is a lifelong 'un'learner and strives to create a pedagogical world where a multi-disciplinary learning environment is not an exception, but a norm.

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