Bailey Lo February 28, 2023 41:40

How to Make Medical Education Trauma-Informed… With Your Cervix

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Our guest this week is someone from within the Body Banter team... our very own Bee! Bailey (Bee) Lo is the coordinator for Body Banter and she’s coming out from behind the scenes to talk to Claudia and Segun about her work as a Clinical Teaching Associate, where she teaches medical students how to perform pelvic and breast exams using her own body. We talk about the power of vulnerability in health education, how traumatic clinical encounters can have lasting impact on individuals, and why creating safe spaces for learning in turn create safe spaces for patients. Before you listen, be aware that this episode of Body Banter contains description of a traumatic pelvic exam and health care encounter.
Bailey Lo

Bailey “Bee” Lo is a learning experience designer and is the behind-the-scenes Coordinator for the Body Banter podcast. Her career started out in pursuit of becoming a healthcare provider, training as a paramedic and later studying midwifery. However, after many ambulance rides and attending births, she realized that she is most at happy supporting other health professions students engage with their own studies and formally transitioned to education in 2021. Bee works at the Hackspace for Innovation and Visualization in Education (HIVE) and is the Program Coordinator for the Biomedical Visualization and Communication (BMVC) certificate program at the University of British Columbia. She also works as a Clinical Teaching Associate instructing medical and nursing students how to perform sensitive exams and develop respectful, trauma-informed clinical communication skills. She is currently pursuing a Master in Educational Technology.

Here is the Buzzfeed article that inspired Bee to become a CTA and was mentioned in the podcast:



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