Anthony Saraco & Ursula Krebs November 22, 2023 33:29

Unveiling the Mind's Eye: Aphantasia, Synaesthesia, and the Inner Experience of Visualization

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This week, Anthony Saraco and Ursula Krebs join us on Body Banter to explore their very different experiences of inner visualization and what they "see" in their mind's eye. Anthony shares how his inability to visualize shapes mentally, also known as aphantasia, impacts his day to day experiences, as well as his approach to teaching anatomy in what is usually considered a highly visual field of study. Conversely, Ursula reveals the colourful world of synaesthesia and discusses how she experiences sound and other sensory inputs as inherently linked with colours. Tune in for a captivating conversation that challenges the traditional views of what happens in the mind's eye and the role of visualization for different lived experiences.
Anthony Saraco

Anthony N. Saraco completed his undergraduate degree in chemical and biological engineering, along with his graduate degree in medical sciences, validating a murine model for glaucoma at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. Upon stepping foot into the anatomy lab, he was instantly captivated. Engaging in A&P education since 2013, he commenced his PhD in interdisciplinary studies in 2022 at the University of British Columbia. The focus of his research lies in utilizing student-centered pedagogical theories to enhance post-secondary A&P education for biomedical engineering students.

Ursula Krebs

Ursula Krebs is a graphic designer and a visual artist who experiences the world in an intensely visual way, with some elements of synaesthesia where sounds in her environment are experienced as colour. She also happens to be the sister of our very own Body Banter host, Claudia Krebs!



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