Claudia Krebs & Olusegun Oyedele April 25, 2022 30:30

Welcome to Body Banter

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Join us in our first episode of Body Banter and meet our hosts, Dr. Claudia Krebs and Dr. Segun Oyedele. Claudia and Segun talk about their individual journeys to becoming anatomy educators, why they love the human body, and why they think everyone else should be just as excited about the body as they are!


Body Banter started as a companion project for the Biomedical Visualization and Communication (BMVC) certificate program at the University of British Columbia. Readings in anatomy can be dense and—we hate to say it—dry, so BMVC asked the team at the HIVE to create a podcast that showcases just how exciting anatomy can be. Every week, BMVC students listened to a Body Banter podcast as a "pre-listening" in the Human Structure and Function course, on topics that aligned with the curriculum. Our students loved this podcast so much that we decided to share it with the world!

Coordinator: Bailey Lo          Illustrations: Rebecca Liu          Website: Monika Fejtek          Music: Danat (Poon) Krairiksh


Do you want to appear on Body Banter, or have an interesting idea for a podcast? We'd love to hear from you!